Tuesday, July 28, 2020

ThermOWeb | NEW Fairy Tale Deco Foil Transfer Sheets

I am SO EXCITED for the new Fairy Tale collection of Deco Foil Transfer Sheets from ThermOWeb! They are gorgeous! I made a video walking you through each of the five NEW COLORS and pairing them with some Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets!

These new colors of Deco Foil Transfer Sheets are gorgeous! And there's a new pastel rainbow of colors! - Enchanted Rose, Peach Princess, Lily Pad, Glass Slipper, and Prince Periwinkle. Aren't the names amazing! If you want to see these new foils really shine be sure to watch the video at the start of this post. It's worth it!! I had a request on Instagram to show how to use Deco Foil with strips of adhesive, so I grabbed my favorite double sided adhesive - the iCraft 6x6 Easy Cut Adhesive Sheets. These adhesive sheets are strong and die cut beautifully! You can use them with Foil Transfer Sheets and Flock Transfer Sheets - and even with the Enamel Transfer Sheets!

I couldn't decide on just one color of the Fairy Tale Deco Foil Transfer Sheets to feature, so I used all five colors! I covered an A2 sized heavy weight piece of white cardstock with an iCraft Easy Cut Adhesive Sheet and trimmed off the excess. If you watch the video then you know this card was going in a completely different direction than the end result! Originally I thought I wanted thin rectangle frames on my card, so I die cut the adhesive covered cardstock with the Altenew Fine Frames Cover Die. This gives me a BUNCH of adhesive covered frames.

The Fine Frames Cover Die cuts two sizes of frames - one larger and one smaller. I separated the sizes and used the thicker set of frames for the Deco Foil Transfer Sheets. I started with the largest of the frames and transferred the Enchanted Rose Deco Foil onto it by removing the backing of the iCraft Easy Cut Adhesive Sheet and adding the foil "pretty side" up into the adhesive. You want the adhesive to be touching the "back" of the foil - it should be making contact with the silver side. Then I rubbed my fingers over the Enchanted Rose Transfer Sheet until the foil was completely transferred onto the adhesive covered frame. You want to make sure you don't use anything too sharp like a bone folder or your nail or you'll tarnish the foil. Then slowly peel away the Deco Foil Transfer Sheet and you'll have a pretty foiled frame! I repeated this process with the remaining frames until all 5 new colors of Fairy Tale Deco Foil Transfer Sheets were on the frames.

I love to mix Deco Foil Transfer Sheets with Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets. Shiny foil mixed with the fuzzy flock makes my heart so happy! I used the skinnier frames from the Altenew Fine Frames Cover Die and transferred a few colors of Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets onto them. Transferring flock is just as easy as transferring foil! I used four colors of Flock Transfer Sheets - Pink Carnation, Sunshine Yellow, Blue Sky, and Purple Punch. I thought these colors compliment the Fairy Tale Foils perfectly! The process is only slightly different - for Flock Transfer Sheets you want the adhesive to make contact with the "pretty side" of the Flock Transfer Sheets. So this time I added the frames into the Flock Transfer Sheets fuzzy side down into the adhesive and slowly peeled back the frames.

No remember - at this time I'm working with frames! I'll share how I got to my final design in a moment, but for now I needed to adhere my frames to my cardstock. I used iCraft Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive and started with the largest foil covered frame and alternated foil frame, flock frame, foil frame, flock frame - you get the idea! When I had the frames adhered I realized that I really disliked how I had designed the card. So I did something shocking! I cut apart the frames so that I had 4 pieces - 2 long and 2 short. I played around quite a bit with the arrangement of my pieces before I finally settled on a design and added it to a black card with iCraft 3D Foam Squares for dimension. I added some CUTE colored images and a sentiment from the Kindred Stamps Once Upon a Nap stamp set with Gina K Designs White Foam Squares ( for just a bit of lift ) and that finishes the card!

I hope you've enjoyed this look at the new colors of Fairy Tale Deco Foil Transfer Sheets! There will be more fairy tale inspiration from the team this week so be sure to check back!

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