Tuesday, July 28, 2020

InkOn3 | Atelier Ink Stamped Kisses

Have you tried the Atelier Inks from InkOn3? You neeeeed to! They are perfect for ink blending, and watercoloring - and even just to stamp! I've played around with a bunch of techniques, but today I decided to do some simple stamping with all the rainbow colors of Atelier Ink!

The Atelier Ink stamps so crisp and beautiful without repeat stamping! Each of the little lips was stamped only once! And they're PERFECT!

I made four cards using the Bad & Boujee Stamp Set - two of them are rainbow ( ooooh my favorite! ), one has the first half of the rainbow, and the last has the second half of the rainbow.

I used the six "traditional" colors of the rainbow - Marilyn Red, Marigold Orange, Bee Sting Yellow, Goddess Green, Peacock Blue, and My Jam Purple. When I stamp a background with smaller images I try to start in the center of my panel and work my way out. That way I don't have large gaps in the center of my panel. I stamped the lips from the Bad & Boujee Stamp Set all over my panels making sure to use my Ink Off Cloth and Ink Off Cleaner in between colors of Atelier Ink.

Let's make some sparkly die cut sentiments! I love my Liquid Pixie Dust for added sparkle on die cuts, but this time I cheated a bit! I took a piece of black cardstock and mixed a bit of water with Liquid Pixie Dust and used a flat paintbrush to paint my piece of cardstock. Boom! Magically glittery cardstock! Then I used the coordinating Bad & Boujee Die Set to cut out the sentiment and added it to each card.

I added flicks of black to each background and embellished with some gray or black pearls! And that's all! I hope you'll grab your Atelier Inks for some simple stamping! The results are gorgeous! See you soon!

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