Monday, July 15, 2024

Golden Letterpress Cards

Check out these golden beauties! I used the Corner Meadow Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates to create two clean and simple cards. Switch up the sentiment to fit any occasion! 

Products Used - 

I wanted to create a frame with the Corner Meadow Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates, so I used gold pigment ink and black watercolor paper and pressed the image into the paper, turned it, and pressed the same image into the cardstock once again. My first time, I created a full rectangle frame with the image overlapping on the edges. I wasn't sure if I liked it, so I tried again after slightly shifting the press plate so that I wouldn't get an overlapped image. 

I completed both cards with a die-cut and stamped sentiment from the Simply Word Dies and Simply Sentiments 4x6 Stamps. I made both of these cards in under 15 minutes. You could easily prep and mass produce this design for any occasion! 

Monday, July 1, 2024

Rainbow Watercolor with Letterpress

Rainbow watercolor is an easy way to brighten up any card! See how easy it is to create a rainbow with just three colors! 

Products Used - 

I started my card by watercoloring a rainbow wash onto an A2 Cotton Watercolor Panel. I used just three colors of watercolor - pink, yellow, and blue - and blended and overlapped them to create the remaining colors of the rainbow. I did three layers of color, drying between each layer. Once the panel was completely dry, I added some black ink spatters and pressed the Corner Meadow Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into the corner with Raven Hybrid Ink.

I finished the card with a die-cut sentiment from the Simply Word Dies and an additional sentiment strip from the Simply Sentiments 4x6 Stamps. That's it! Thanks for joining me!

Monday, June 24, 2024

Easy Monochromatic Letterpress Flower Card

Sometimes less color is more! See how Lynnea created a quick and easy letterpress card using the Delicate Stems Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates in shades of pink!

Products Used - 

You could EASILY customize this card to be any color under the rainbow! I love pink, so I went with pink! I pressed the Braided Waves Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into an A2 Watercolor Cotton Panel with Tickled Pink Hybrid Ink and the flower and sentiment from the Delicate Stems Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates with Raven Hybrid Ink. I added quick color to the image using the Delicate Stems Layering Stencils and trimmed the panel with the second largest Hand Torn Rectangle Die. I added the panel to my background with foam tape and that's it! 

Monday, June 10, 2024

Coffee Themed Stack & Collage Invitation

You're invited for a coffee date! Send a cup of cheer with this Stack & Collage invitation card. Watch the video tutorial to see how easily everything came together!

Products Used - 

I stamped the Invitation 3x4 Stamp with Alloy Hybrid Ink Pad onto a piece of white cardstock and chose a few sentiments from the You're Invited Collage 4x4 Stamps to stamp with Raven Hybrid Ink Pad to build the base of the invitation. I kept a simple color palette for the rest of the coffee themed invitation and stamped sentiments and icons using Tickled Pink Hybrid Ink and Bali Blue Hybrid Ink. Once I was done stamping the invitation portion of my card, I trimmed the panel and added it to a light blue mat and set it aside while I worked on the rest of the card.

I used the Wildflower Layered Botanicals 4x6 Stamps and a few of the flowers onto a white card base to accent the invitation piece. The layered flowers are the perfect frame and help bring some extra color to the card. That's it! Thanks so much for joining me!

Monday, June 3, 2024

Copic Colored Wildflower Letterpress Card

My favorite thing about flowers is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! I used a portion of the Wall Flower Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate from LDRS Creative to make this pretty floral card.

Products Used -

I pressed the Wall Flower Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into an A2 Cotton Watercolor Panel with Raven Hybrid Ink to start my card. While I had my BetterPress platform out, I grabbed a strip of watercolor paper and used Raven Hybrid Ink to letterpress the sentiment from the Corner Meadow Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates into to cardstock. 

I colored the floral background with Copic markers and trimmed a portion so that I could layer it at the bottom of my card. I added a white mat and added my pieces to a light blue card base. That's it! See you again soon! 

Friday, May 31, 2024

Rainbow Stenciled Flowers

What's my favorite color flower? Rainbow of course! I used the Delicate Stems Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates and Layering Stencils to make this eye catching card! 

I started the card by using Raven Hybrid Ink to press the sentiment and image from the Delicate Stems Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates into a Cotton Watercolor Panel. I used the Delicate Stems Layering Stencils to add color to the flowers. Rather than adding a single color, I decided to create a rainbow of color! I started with the first stencil using yellow ink in the center and then added pink to the left and blue to the right. I added a bit more pink on the right so that I could create a shade of purple. I repeated the process with a heavier hand on the second layering stencil. Once my coloring was complete, I added gold shimmer watercolor spatters and cut the panel with the Arches Dies.

I wanted some texture and pattern in my background, so I pressed the Braided Waves Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates into a Cotton Watercolor Panel with Raven Hybrid Ink. I layered the arches and added them towards the bottom of the panel. That's it! I hope you love these rainbow flowers!

Thursday, May 30, 2024

2 for 1 Flower Press Plate Background Technique

The Summer Collection from LDRS Creative is FINALLY HERE! I absolutely love the new A2 Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates. Any time I can get my hands on a product that gives me a gorgeous background, I will! I used the Wall Flower Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate to make two cards at once with this oldie, but a goodie, technique. 

It's so hard to capture the dimension in these cards, but trust me ... it's like MAGIC! I started by pressing the Wall Flower Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into an A2 Cotton Watercolor Panel with Raven Hybrid Ink. I only need one panel since I will be cutting this to create two cards. Then, I pressed the Braided Waves Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into two A2 Cotton Watercolor Panels with Alloy Hybrid Ink

I set the Braided Waves panels aside and worked with the Wall Flower Panel. I did simple Copic coloring to add color to the background. I used just 2 markers for each color - a dark and a light. I prefer to start with the darker shade and blend out with the light, but you can color however you like! Remember that LDRS Creative often puts coloring guides on the back of their packaging, so don't throw that away! Once my panel was colored, I cut it in half so that I could create two cards from one colored panel. 

I cut the colored panel in half and then added a thin black strip of cardstock to the top of each panel. I adhered these onto my Braided Waves pressed backgrounds. All that's left now is a sentiment! I die cut the word "thanks" from the Simply Word Dies six times and stacked three together so that I had two sentiments stacked three high. I adhered them to the right side of the cards and that's it!

I hope you enjoyed these easy cards! The entire LDRS Creative Summer Collection is available NOW! Check back tomorrow for another video tutorial. See you then!