Thursday, August 12, 2021

ThermOWeb | Fall Cards with Glitz and Flock

I am SO excited that the crafty world is starting to turn to Fall cards! While I love the bright, happy cards of summer - I just LOVE making fall cards! I mixed ThermOWeb Glitz Glitter Gel with Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheets to make this set of cards. 

I share a couple of techniques in today's video that you can apply to any themed project! And they all include some easy texture from Glitz Glitter Gel and Flock Transfer Sheets

I used the same products to create this trio of cards and just switched up the background mediums a bit. For my first card I sprayed the back of the Newton's Nook Pumpkin Patch Stencil with a bit of Pixie Spray and then used a Stencil Pal to spread Sweet Mango Glitz Glitter Gel over the stencil. While the background dried I colored some images from the My Favorite Things Autumn Blessings Stamp Set and added them to my card using an iCraft Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive Pen and adhesive from the iCraft White 1/16" 3D Jumbo Foam Tape Roll. So quick, right?! 

I wanted to do something a bit special with this card and create a dipped Glitz Glitter Gel look. I started by spraying the back of the Newton's Nook Pumpkin Patch Stencil with Pixie Spray and spreading Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO over the stencil with a Stencil Pal. I set this background aside to dry for a few hours. You'll know the panel is dry when the back of the cardstock no longer feels cool and the DUO Gel is clear, shiny, and only slightly tacky. I cut a piece of an Orange Glow Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet to be slightly larger than my background and placed the Flock fuzzy side DOWN into the DUO Gel and ran it through my die cutting machine. The pressure transfers the Flock into the DUO Gel without having to get out my laminator! A win win! 

I peeled back the Orange Glow Deco Foil Flock backer and I'm left with a fun and fuzzy background! Don't throw that backer piece away! We'll use that for our third card! You could definitely complete the card with just the Flocked background, but I decided to go a step further and add some glam! I replaced the Newton's Nook Pumpkin Patch Stencil over my design and used a Stencil Pal to spread some Gold Glitz Glitter Gel over the bottom portion of my background. 

I finished off this card the same way I did my first using images from the My Favorite Things Autumn Blessings Stamp Set. I love the look! I didn't line up my stencil quite perfectly, so I actually have an offset look! 

My last card uses a the leftover piece from my second card. Many people would throw away this piece, but not me! Nothing goes to waste in my craft room! The negative piece has such a FUN texture and it's totally different from my other two cards - and it was easy to make since I used leftovers! 

I finished this card just like I did the others using images from the My Favorite Things Autumn Blessings Stamp Set. When creating a set of cards it's easiest for me to create one design and replicate it. These cards all came together quickly and I love how they are each the same and different from each other! 

I hope you'll use some of these techniques! "Dipping" in Glitz Glitter Gel is one of my favorite ways to add extra texture and I love when I can use my leftover pieces to create an extra card! Thanks for joining me and I'll see you soon! 

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