Friday, September 18, 2020

ThermOWeb | Winged Things with Flock Spooky Halloween Card

The creepiest time of the year is almost upon us! And I thought these cute little beetles would look perfect in a web of ThermOWeb Flock

I love a nice cutesy Halloween card, but the spooky and creepy ones are right up my alley, too! I started with a piece of lime green cardstock and the Spider Web Stencil from Pretty Pink Posh. I sprayed the back of the stencil lightly with Pixie Spray - just a light layer will do the trick - and then let the adhesive dry for about a minute and temporarily adhered it to the lime green cardstock. I used a Stencil Pal to add a thin, even layer of Deco Foil Transfer Gel Blanco over the stencil, removed the stencil, and set the piece aside to dry completely. Be sure to wash your tools right away so the Blanco Gel doesn't dry onto them. 

I stamped and colored my images for the front of my card while the Blanco Gel dried. I used the Three Fellow Beetles Stamp Set from Lesia Zgharda. I think these insects are just wonderful! A fun fact about me - I have my degree in Forensic Biology with a concentration in Entomology, so insects and "creepy crawlies" are my little friends! I colored these guys with shades of bright green Copic Markers and cut them out with scissors. I also stamped a sentiment from the Pink & Main Fall Sentiments Stamp Set and trimmed it into a strip. 

My Blanco Gel background didn't take long to dry - just a couple of hours. The Transfer Gel Blanco doesn't change color as it dries - it stays bright white. This is perfect if you're looking for a glossy white stenciled background! Here's a couple of signs I look for to know my panel is dry - the cardstock will flatten. Because of the moisture in the Transfer Gel the cardstock curls slightly, but will flatten as the Transfer Gel dries. And when in doubt gently touch the back of the cardstock. If it feels cool the Transfer Gel needs to dry a bit more. 

Once my background was dry I turned on my laminator to the 5mil setting and let it heat up. I generally let my laminator heat up about 15 minutes after the "ready" light comes on. This way I can be sure it's nice and hot and I'll get a great transfer. I trimmed a piece of a Black Velvet Deco Foil Flock Transfer Sheet to be slightly larger than my background and placed it onto the cardstock so that the Transfer Gel Blanco was making contact with the "pretty side" of the Flock and placed the pieces into a carrier sheet and ran it through my laminator. Once it was cool I peeled back the backer of the Flock Transfer Sheet and voila! A fuzzy spider web with little bits of lime green peeking through! 

I decided to trim my panel down an 1/8 of an inch on all four sides so that I would have a white border. I adhered the background onto an A2 card base using a ThermOWeb Tape Runner XL. I wanted my beetles and sentiment to have dimension, so I used my favorite foam adhesive - iCraft 3D Foam Squares. These little guys have about twice the dimension of "normal" foam squares! I added the iCraft 3D Foam Squares to the backs of the sentiment strip and beetles and added a drop of iCraft Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive to them to make sure they hold on nice and strong to the textured background. Hope you love this creepy crawly Halloween card! See you soon! 

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