Thursday, August 13, 2020

InkOn3 and ThermOWeb Collaboration | Custom Colored Glitz Glitter Gel with Atelier Reinkers

GET EXCITED! There's a new collaboration between InkOn3 and ThermOWeb! I just adore both of these companies and I'm so excited to mix together their products to create a card. I used some Atelier Ink Reinkers from InkOn3 and Glitz Glitter Gel from ThermOWeb and made a custom color of Glitz for my stenciled background!

There is a whole wide array of colors of Glitz Glitter Gel in the ThermOWeb site, but some of my favorites are the White and Iridescent Glitz Glitter Gel because I can make them into any color I like! You can use liquid watercolors, ink from an ink pad, ... but I decided to go with the highly pigmented Atelier Ink Reinkers! I used Marilyn Red, Marigold Orange, and a bit of Bee Sting Yellow Reinkers and mixed them with some White Glitz Glitter Gel. I wanted to create a coral color - but it ended up more orangey than pink. That's okay! Be sure to watch the video above - I still created a completely custom color! I'll show you a comparison between my custom color and the existing "orange" colors of Glitz Glitter Gel.

I sprayed the back of the Wavy Stencil from InkOn3 with Pixie Spray and used a Stencil Pal from ThermOWeb and spread my custom mixed Glitz Glitter Gel over the Wavy Stencil. I'm in love with this pretty orangey glittery goodness!

My images for this card are the GORGEOUS florals from the BeYOUtiful Stamp Set from InkOn3. I stamped them with my favorite black ink - Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink - and colored them with Copic Markers. I thought the yellow flower would really compliment the orange background! I trimmed them out and added them to the card with iCraft 3D Foam Squares. The background glitters so much that I thought the flowers needed some glitter, too! I keep some Liquid Pixie Dust in a Small Watercolor Brush so all I have to do is shake it up and brush it over the images and BOOM! They're sparkly, and glitter, and amazing!

I hope you've enjoyed this fun collaboration tutorial and that you'll use your Atelier Ink Reinkers to color your own custom color of Glitz Glitter Gel!

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