Tuesday, May 26, 2020

InkOn3 | Atelier Re-Inker Watercolor Stripes

Rainbows just make me so happy! Especially when they're bright and vibrant and mixed with beautiful white flowers! I used Atelier Ink Re-Inkers from InkOn3 along with the Posies Stamp Set for today's card - and I have to say - I really like it!

I love using re-inkers to add rich, vibrant color and the Atelier Inks are gorgeously pigmented! I wanted to have some simple chunky stripes, so I decided to just free hand them! 

I added a few drops of Marilyn Red, Marigold Orange, Bee Sting Yellow, Goddess Green, Peacock Blue, and My Jam Purple Re-Inkers to my work surface and used a bit of water and a 1/2" flat watercolor brush to add stripes to a piece of watercolor cardstock. I tried to keep the stripes pretty even, but in the end I think the fact that they all look a little wonky is great! It gives the background character! Haha! I keep a bit of Liquid Pixie Dust in a Small Fine Tip Watercolor Brush and I brushed some over each stripe. If I had thought ahead properly I would have mixed a drop of Liquid Pixie Dust into each puddle of Atelier Re-Inker before I painted - but I didn't. Oh well! 

I stamped my image from the Posies Stamp Set with Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink by combining the vase, stem, and flower onto heavy weight white cardstock. I colored the image quickly with Copic Markers and trimmed it out. I snapped a photo of the Copics that I used or you can see the coloring in action in the video above! Of course I needed a bit more shimmer, so I covered the image with Liquid Pixie Dust

I finished the card by stamping a sentiment from the Posies Stamp Set with Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink and adding the image with foam tape. I hope you like it! There's just something so striking about a vibrant rainbow background with a simple white flower. See you soon!

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