Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Kindred Stamps // Turtley Awesome Spinning Wheel Card

Hey, everyone! I'm so excited about the new Turtley Awesome stamp set from Kindred Stamps! These little turtles rocked my childhood! I had to do something fun and amazing with them, so I made a spinning wheel card!

This card is best demonstrated in the video above, but here's a bunch of photos to show the movement of the spinning wheel! Be sure to watch the video for a full assembly tutorial!

So fun right?! I love how all of the little characters from the Turtley Awesome stamp set move around in a circle, but the "you're radical" sentiment is stationary! I used one of my favorite stencils - the Tiles Stencil - to give a fun almost turtley stenciled background in green and in yellow.

This Turtley Awesome stamp set will be available Friday March 27th! Set your alarms and snag it quickly! It's definitely one of my favorites! See you then!

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