Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Stamping on a Tote Bag with Artesprix Markers

Hey, everyone! I'm always looking for new and fun ways to use my stamps and coloring them with the Artesprix sublimation markers from the March 2019 box from The Hedgehog Hollow is so much fun! I have a video at the end of this post, so be sure to watch it to see my whole process!

I love the flower arrangement in the Beautiful Flowers stamp set from Simon Says Stamp! It's gorgeous! I knew I wanted to use it on the tote bag that comes in the March 2019 kit from The Hedgehog Hollow. To use stamps with the Artesprix markers I highly encourage you to use a stamping platform of some kind as you will need to work in small areas and stamp the image on top of itself repeatedly. I have a MISTI, so I mounted the large floral arrangement in my MISTI and inserted a piece of regular copy paper to stamp onto. I used the black marker from the marker set and colored onto the stamp. I worked in small areas - a few leaves or a single flower at a time. I would color the outline of the image, huff onto the ink, and stamp then repeat. I did each area twice to make sure my black outline would be nice and dark. Once I had the entire image stamped I started coloring using the Artesprix markers. I only used 3 colors - the red, green, and a bit of yellow for the flower centers. It's important to note that the colors will appear dull as you're coloring, but the heat and pressure of an iron will brighten them. Next I turned my colored image pretty side down onto the tote bag and used some thermal tape to help hold my image in place and put another piece of copy paper on top so that I would have an extra barrier between my image and my iron. The kit comes with a piece of cardboard and I found it helpful to place that into the bag so that the image didn't bleed through to the other side. Then I took a household iron on the highest setting and held it straight down onto the bag and pressed for 4 minutes. And just like that I have a beautiful bag!

I do want to say that this took some practice for me, so I have some tips for you! You want to make sure your iron is good and hot. In face - I had it heating up the whole time I colored my flowers. Next, make sure you push STRAIGHT DOWN onto your image and don't move the iron! I think it's ingrained into our heads to do the typical swivel motion with your wrist - but trust me ... don't! I ruined a few projects before finally getting this one right! Last - the kit comes with the tote and a coin purse, but you can use any material that has polyester in it! It's recommended to use something that has a percentage of 80% of polyester or higher for best results. I hope you got inspired by today's project! See you soon!

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