Friday, February 22, 2019

Welcome To The New Me!


I can't describe how excited I am about my blog name change! It's something I have been thinking about for a LONG time! Years! I started this blog when I was a teenager - and Sparkliie Creations has been my name since then! In the past few years or so I have been working with various stamp and design companies and have always added my real name to my projects, rather than my blog name. I started thinking that since I am my real brand when it comes to my cards and projects that I should change my blog name. I went back and forth between many options and finally narrowed it down to two and I asked many of you on Facebook which I should go with. I want to thank you all SO much for your comments and support! In the end, I went with my own full name for my new website because I am me! Using my own name just feels right! The only reason I didn't take the plunge years ago was because I was afraid people wouldn't be able to spell my name - it's a long one! Haha! But after thinking and talking it over with others I realized that most of the time people click on links to go to various sites anyway!

So here it is! The new! You'll see that things look almost the same! I've updated my graphics and moved away from the young looking images that I've had for 10 years and I've created something fresh and new! I have already updated my blog, YouTube channel, and Instagram and I'm working with the people at Facebook to update my business page!

Thank you all for supporting me through the years and for your continued support!

Big hugs!