Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Miss Ink Stamps | Die Cut Cards with Stencils and Gel Press

You guys ... I might be late to the Gel Press game, but I am having SO much fun! I used a stencil from Miss Ink Stamps to create some fun Gel Press prints and die cut them to make an easy set of cards! 

I am loving using stencils with my Gel Press! I am able to make a bunch of backgrounds very quickly! I used just the Kaleidoscope Stencil today, but you could use any of the many stencils available in the Miss Ink Stamps Store

I used one technique to make a bunch of backgrounds and then die cut them to be focal points on my cards. I used dye inks on my Gel Press, pressed a piece of paper on top, added more ink, then the Kaleidoscope Stencil, and the same piece of paper again. This gives me the brightest and boldest print. Then I remove the stencil from the Gel Press and use a second piece of cardstock to pick up the remaining ink on the Gel Press - that's two! I got a third very dainty print by spritzing the leftover ink on the stencil with some water and picking it up with a third piece of cardstock. 

I even got a bonus print by using the piece of scrap cardstock that I used to clean my brayer! I used a Stitched Heart Die and die cut a portion of each of the 7 prints and I still have enough of each print left over to save for future projects! 

I used the Madness Stamp Set on each of my cards. I stamped on both the heart and the card at the same time, then removed the heart and popped it up with foam for a dimensional, but continuous look. I decided to stencil some gray ink over the Kaleidoscope Stencil on a few of the card backgrounds and keep some of them white. 

Just like that I have a whole set of 7 cards! I hope you try this stencil and Gel Press technique! 

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