Saturday, March 6, 2021

InkOn3 | Using Atelier Inks with a Gel Press

Can you believe I've never used a Gel Press? I'm jumping on the band wagon and putting my Atelier Inks from InkOn3 to the test! 

I am ALL about easy cards and easy techniques - especially when techniques result in more than one card. I got THREE backgrounds out of one go with the Gel Press! That's a win in my book! 

Be sure to check out my video at the beginning of this post for a full tutorial. This was LITERALLY my first time using my Gel Press and I'm obsessed! I watched a few tutorials on YouTube and decided to give it a try with my Atelier Inks. I haven't seen it done with these inks and you NEED to try them! Look how colorful my backgrounds are! And you can mix and match ink colors to get any type of background you want! 

I inked up my Gel Press, gave it a quick once over with my brayer, placed a stencil on top, and then rubbed a piece of cardstock over the press. That gives me one impression! Then I removed the stencil and placed a second piece of cardstock on my press. That gives me TWO impressions! I realized my stencil still had so much Atelier inky goodness, so I gave it a spritz with water and pressed another piece of cardstock onto the stencil. That gives me THREE backgrounds total! 

I wanted to keep the focus on the pretty Atelier Ink background, so I trimmed down my panels, added a stamped sentiment with Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink, and matted the panel with black cardstock. Easy and simple! This is definitely a technique that I'm going to continue to practice. Thanks for joining me! 

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