Tuesday, August 25, 2020

ThermOWeb | New Deco Foil Fairy Tale Cards with Watercolored Backgrounds and DUO Gel

Are you in fairy tale heaven with the new Fairy Tale collection of Deco Foil Transfer Sheets? I am! These colors are light and dreamy and pure perfection! I made a trio of fairy tale cards with three stencils and Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO!

Can we just talk about how gorgeous these Fairy Tale Foils are?! They come in a rainbow of colors - Enchanted Rose, Peach Princess, Lily Pad, Glass Slipper, and Prince Periwinkle. They're PERFECT! 

I made three cards with three different stencils and Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO. I even color coordinated the Fairy Tale Foils to my watercolored backgrounds! These were easy to make and didn't require any heat from a laminator! Let's start! 

I began by watercoloring three backgrounds that I thought would match a few colors of the Fairy Tale Deco Foil colors. My watercoloring process is simple and easy - I brushed some clean water onto my background and dropped in colors and let them blend. Each background is made up of multiple colors to give it dimension. I made three backgrounds because I had three stencils that I wanted to use - How can you possibly choose just one?! I chose the Honey Bee Stamps Twinkle, Twinkle Stencil and the Doily and Confetti Stencils from Kindred Stamps. Once my watercolored backgrounds were dry I sprayed the back of each stencil with a light application of Pixie Spray and placed a stencil onto each of my backgrounds. I used a Stencil Pal to spread a thin and even layer of Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO over each stencil and set them aside to dry for a few hours. 

You'll know the Transfer Gel DUO is dry when it is completely clear. Don't worry about it being tacky - the extra "stick" is what lets you use it with just the pressure from your die cutting machine. You can still use your laminator to apply Enamels, Foils, and Fock - but I find it VERY easy to just use my die cutting machine! I cut down a few sheets of the Fairy Tale Foils to be slightly larger than my card front and placed them pretty side UP on top of the DUO Gel. I use a piece of typing paper folded in half as a carrier sheet when putting the backgrounds through my machine. This makes it so that the cut marks from my cutting plates don't press into the foils. Another tip is to place your foil side down onto your "clean" plate. That way the cut marks don't actually come in contact with the foil! Then run the sandwich through the machine and slowly peel back the release paper - and you'll have a pretty pretty foiled background! I used three colors of Fairy Tale Foils for my backgrounds - Peach Princess, Lily Pad, and Prince Periwinkle. I thought they matched the watercolored backgrounds perfectly! 

All of my images and sentiments come from some of my favorite stamp sets from Kindred Stamps! I used the Rags to Riches Stamp Set, Once Upon a Nap Stamp Set, and the Arabian Nights Stamp Set. I colored each image with Copic Markers and trimmed them out with scissors. I stamped a sentiment with a coordinating ink color to keep everything matching and added them to my cards with iCraft 3D Foam Squares. These are my favorite foam squares when I want images to really POP off the page! 

I hope you've enjoyed this trio of Fairy Tale Foiled cards with Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO! Head over to the ThermOWeb store to grab your collection of Fairy Tale Deco Foil Transfer Sheets! See you soon! 

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