Tuesday, July 7, 2020

ThermOWeb | Summer Cards with Neon Flock and Glitz

It's summer! And that calls for bright, neon, summer cards with yummy ThermOWeb products! I used all four colors of Rina K Neon Flock Transfer Sheets as well as the Neon Glitz Glitter Gel on this quick and easy set of cards - and mixed in some summer stamps from Pink & Main with a stencil duo from Trinity Stamps!

I hope you're ready for a big dose of neon! Grab your sunglasses! It's about to get bright! I love how easy it is to use the Rina K Designs Neon Flock Transfer Sheets and the Neon Glitz Glitter Gel! They work so well together! I wanted to show off how easy it is to use them side by side, so I reached for the Trinity Stamps Catching Some Rays Stencils. This is a two pack of stencils that can be used separately or together. Of course I chose together! I made all four cards in the set the same way - making it quick and easy to pull together a whole set of neon goodness!

Let's go step by step through the creation of these cards! I sprayed the back of one of the Catching Some Rays Stencils from Trinity Stamps with Pixie Spray and adhered it to a piece of white cardstock. I used the "chunkier" single ray stencil because I wanted to have a bolder ray of Neon Flock and accent with the Neon Glitz Glitter Gel. In my video you'll see me use a Stencil Pal to spread some Deco Foil Transfer Gel Blanco over the stencil - however, my finished projects use the Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO.

Both products work WONDERFULLY! I frequently reach for the Transfer Gel Blanco because it seems to dry a bit quicker in my climate. Both Transfer Gels will work to transfer the Flock Transfer Sheets onto the cardstock, but the Transfer Gel Blanco must be used with a laminator while the Transfer Gel DUO can be used with either a laminator or the pressure from a die cutting machine. I used the Transfer Gel Blanco originally, but when I went to use my laminator I discovered that my laminator wasn't reaching a high enough temperature (so now I get to go crafty shopping for a laminator!). I quickly switched gears and used a Stencil Pal to apply Transfer Gel DUO onto all four cardstock panels.

Even though my video shows me applying Transfer Gel Blanco the process is the same - I used my Stencil Pal to scoop out some of the Transfer Gel DUO and gently spread it over my stencil. Then I set all four panels aside to dry for a few hours.

Once all four of my panels with the Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO were dry I transferred Neon Flock to each of them using each of the four colors - Poppin' Pink, Orange Glow, Hello Yellow, and Screamin' Green. This is so easy! I cut a piece of the Flock Transfer Sheets to be slightly larger than the A2 card panel, placed the Flock Transfer Sheets face DOWN ( fuzzy side DOWN ) into the Transfer Gel DUO and ran it through my die cutting machine. Peel back the Neon Flock slowly and you have fun fuzzy texture left on the cardstock!

Now let's step up those backgrounds with another dose of neon goodness! I sprayed the back of the second Catching Some Rays Stencil with Pixie Spray and lined it up over the background. Part of the stencil adhered directly over the Neon Flock that I had already transferred onto the card, but it didn't interfere with the Pixie Spray at all. Just be sure to add only a light covering of Pixie Spray to the stencil - you really don't need a lot! I used a Stencil Pal to spread all four colors of Neon Glitz Glitter Gel onto the card backgrounds. I considered using matching colors of Neon Glitz Glitter Gel with the Neon Flock Transfer Sheets, but I decided to switch it up. I applied a thick layer of the Neon Glitz Glitter Gel so that I would have a lot of dimension, but you could do a thin layer if you wanted.

My images and sentiments come from some adorable Pink & Main summer stamp sets. I used the Summer Sloths stamp set as well as the Beach Unicorn stamp set and colored them with Copic Markers. Once my coloring was completed I held the matching Summer Sloths and Beach Unicorn die sets down with Purple Tape and die cut my images. I adhered them onto my cards with my FAVORITE adhesives - iCraft Ultra Bond Liquid Adhesive and iCraft 3D Foam Squares. That's it! This neon card set is done! I hope these inspire you to break out your Rina K Designs Neon products - or maybe jump in the pool! See you soon!

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