Tuesday, May 12, 2020

InkOn3 | No Line Emboss Resist Technique

I have to be honest - I didn't know if today's project would work when I started making my card. In theory ... it should work - but you know how that goes! I'm calling it No Line Resist and it's SO easy! I used InkOn3 Fadeout No Line Ink and an assortment of Atelier Inks for my card!

This technique is so easy and I love the results! And you can replicate this with any stamp set in your stash!

Let's start! I used the tiny little images in the Fox & Bunny Hugs stamp set and the Forever Friends stamp set to create my background. I love using the little images in stamp sets and bringing them to life! I chose a bunch of small images and mounted them all together in a cluster on my acrylic block. I used InkOn3 Fadeout No Line Ink and repeatedly stamped the cluster of stamps until my whole background was covered.

When I use Fadeout No Line Ink for watercoloring I love how the ink grabs and traps my color making no line coloring simple and easy. My idea was to use that property of the Fadeout Ink for an entire background. In theory it should work - and it did! After my background was stamped with the Fadeout Ink I smooshed some Atelier Ink onto my work surface. I didn't want the colors to get too muddy, so I decided to use just Marilyn Red, Bee Sting Yellow, and Peacock Blue and let the colors mix to form the rest of the colors of the rainbow. I used plenty of water to the color would move and blend and look! See how the stamped images are darker! It's a tone on tone look that was so easy to do! The Fadeout Ink grabbed the Atelier Ink as I colored and trapped it leaving a darker concentration of color and the background images just pop!

Once my background was dry I put a little puddle of Liquid Pixie Dust onto my work surface and flicked on some dots of glitter all over the background.

I stamped the image from the Forever Friends stamp set with Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink and watercolored it with Atelier Inks. I thought about using Fadeout Ink to color the image, but I thought the black out line would stand out more against the pretty background. I used a Small Fine Tip Watercolor Brush and a few colors of Atelier Ink - Marigold Orange, Twiggy Brown, and Paint It Black. I just smooshed some ink onto my work surface and picked it up with the Fine Tip Watercolor Brush. And these inks clean right up with an Ink Off Cloth!

I stamped a sentiment from the Forever Friends stamp set with Blackout Hybrid Detail Ink onto a die cut shape and added my image on top. A good coat of Liquid Pixie dust finishes off the card! I hope you'll give this resist technique using Fadeout No Line Ink a try!

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