Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Rainbow Cloud Ink Blending

Hi! I just love black and white with a pop of color, don't you?! I used some of my favorite LDRS Creative products to create a one layer card - a little masking, ink blending, and some simple stamping is all it takes to make this card!

Who says clouds can't be rainbow-ed?! I believe in rainbow-ing all the things! Haha! I started with an A2 sized card base and used some wide masking tape to mask off a portion in the middle of my card. I used the AMAZINGLY versatile Rainy Day Stencil to add some color to my card. The top of the stencil has this super cute puffy cloud border, so I added a rainbow of LDRS Creative inks to my card moving the stencil a little left or a little right with each color to give some variation. I used Pink Tutu, Dan-D-Lion, Bali Blue, Mrs. Periwinkle, and Kiss Me Red inks. I got a bit heavy handed (shocker... I know! Haha!) with the Bali Blue and covered up the yellow creating the greenish/yellow color.

I removed the masking tape and I had gorgeous rainbow ink blended clouds against the bright white cardstock! There's not much better than that! I LOVE the floral cluster in the If Friends Were Flowers stamp set. I lined up the cluster so that it was centered over the ink blended portion of my card. Part of the cluster would be hanging off the top of the ink blending and part would be off the bottom. I stamped the floral cluster with LDRS Creative Raven Hybrid Ink and also stamped some of the add on sprigs. I didn't get them stamped perfectly - I could have if I had cut masks, but I'm lazy and didn't want to. Haha! So I just fixed the portions that weren't connected to the main cluster with a black pen.

I love that the If Friends Were Flowers stamp set has the large script "friends" word and a whole bunch of add on phrases! I stamped my sentiment with Raven Hybrid Ink at the bottom right of my card. Of course I used a bit of glitter to finish off the card! I used my glitter brush marker to add glitter to the flowers that were inside the rainbow ink blended portion to highlight the pops of color. And that's it! Here's my video tutorial!

Thanks for watching!

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