Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh, Hello There! ( and another process video! )

Oh, hello there! :)
I've just been having so much fun with the stamp set from Simon's card kit this month! So many fun possibilities! I love the papers that came in the kit...but, I have a confession to make : My name is Lynnea...and I hoard paper. Big time. I just keep so much of it...and I look at it. I don't make things with it - I literally just look at it and say to myself "well you're just too cute to use up!" Same thing with the papers in this month's kit. I love them! But what good does paper do sitting on my shelf? So I forced myself to cut up one of the papers ( *gasp* ) and use it on the card for today!

You may be thinking to yourself "Hm...where have I seen this before..?" Well, my card from my previous blog post looks shockingly similar to this one! I created that one layer card and thought that it would look cute if I added in this paper featuring a wooden "filing cabinet" to look like a real shelf! So I tweaked it a little bit (not much) and added the strip of paper!

Here's the video:

I think that's it for today! I still have so many goodies left from my card kit! I hope to be using some of them this afternoon! Thanks for stopping by!

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